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Sex in virtual reality

What is the erotic virtual reality Naughty Harbor?

An extraordinary experience that combines an extremely real silicone sex girl with an immersive virtual reality environment. With a lightweight, high-definition wireless VR headset, you can now have a first-hand experience of your favorite porn actress, We are the first in the Czech Republic to open an endless space for your imagination.

What can you expect from VR sex?

Sexual experience in virtual reality in the unique erotic brothel Naughty Harbor in Prague brings an excitingly immersive visual and physical experience. Imagine the most beautiful girl whispering immorality in your ear. Naked. She seduces you. You touch her, you feel her rising excitement. You succumb to an exciting erotic experience. The number of scenarios is infinite.


Try the unique virtual relaxation service. It combined modern luxury massage chair with high-tech automatic robotic masturbator and virtual reality. Book this extraordinary erotic experience and experience a new dimension of erotic relaxation.


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