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How does a visit to the erotic brothel Naughty Harbor look like?

1 Reservations can be made online or by phone 721 634 362. Absolute confidentiality is a matter of course.

2 In a stylish venue in the center of Prague, we will prepare one of our girl for sex, ask you for a deposit, payment and your visit will be full of erotic fantasies, games and sexual satisfaction.

3 We will refund your deposit and look forward to your next visit.


30 minutes
1 750 CZK
(+ 1 000 CZK deposit )

60 minutes
2 290 CZK
(+ 1 000 CZK deposit )

120 minutes
3 390 CZK
(+ 1 000 CZK deposit )

Our dolls

We will help you to choose your own silicone doll. Choose from hundreds of realistic dolls made of high quality silicone in our e-shop.


Pecháčkova 1244/7, Prague 5, 150 00

Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 9:00–22:00


Tel: 721 634 362
E-mail: privat@naughtyharbor.cz