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Get it on the wave of the sexual revolution.
Run your own erotic brothel with silicone girls or VR erotic services anywhere in the world.

Join Naughty Harbor. We offer you experience, information and background of established brand. Delivery of real customized dolls and VR sex equipment is a matter of course.

About Us:

  • We were the first to open a brother with only realistic dolls in the Czech Republic.
  • We are the first to bring to the Czech sex services market the connection of virtual reality with sex dolls or automatic masturbator.
  • Today, thanks to the interest of media, our brand is known to the general public. We value our customers and constantly improve our services. The result is a booking calendar full of orders.
  • We run a shop specializing in Sex dolls, VR glasses and the latest masturbators. We can help you with the selection of a Sex doll and aids for her connection with erotic virtual reality..
  • The Naughty Harbor brand crosses the Czech border. Opening a brothel anywhere in the world is no problem for us.

Take the first step:

Contact us via the following form. We'll get back to you and agree on what to do next.



Pecháčkova 1244/7, Prague 5, 150 00

Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 9:00–22:00


Telephone: 721 634 362
E-mail: privat@naughtyharbor.cz